Re: [E-Z-Caps] New dedicated ezcaps forum, existing forum to close

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Re: [E-Z-Caps] New dedicated ezcaps forum, existing forum to close

Postby yahoo » Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:12 am

I just signed up at the new forum. I didn't want to miss all the great recipes and advice everyone gives here. Hope to see more join up!

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Sent: Sun, January 17, 2010 12:52:44 PM
Subject: [E-Z-Caps] New dedicated ezcaps forum, existing forum to close


First off, I would like to thank the users of this yahoo group who have shared recipes and experiences using EZ Caps with each other. It's hard to believe that this forum has been going strong for six years.

Because of it's limitations, the advertisements, and other issues associated with the yahoo EZ Caps group, it has been replaced with it's own dedicated forum at:

http://ezcapsforum. com/

Please visit and join the new site and give me your feedback and suggestions. The yahoo group will remain up for a limited amount of time during the transition and it will eventually be closed.

All new members of http://ezcapsforum. com/ will receive an exciting, incredible offer in the near future.

http://ezcapsforum. com/

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