Vintner''s Harvest Wine base

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Vintner''s Harvest Wine base

Postby yahoo » Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:37 am

Hello to all! I purchased a couple sets of the E-Z caps a few months back. I
have made (29) 2 Liter batches and (9) 3 liter batches. Some have been Great
and some rancid. I have been using air locks on the 3 liter bottles.

Today at my local brewing store, I purchased 2 96 oz. containers of Vintner's
Harvest Fruit Wine Base. One is Plum and the other Raspberry. I was curious if
anyone has used this base before and if it would be a good candidate for the E-Z
cap method?

I know that I will have to cut the portions way back, but the recipe on the can
calls for several ingredients that I am not sure will be required. Like, Acid
Blend, Yeast Nutrient, Pectic Enzyme, Campden tablets, Bisulfite and Potassium

I am assuming that these products are related to the traditional (Too Long)
method of wine making.

Thanks in advance and I hope that everyone had a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

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Re: Vintner''s Harvest Wine base

Postby JDRyderman » Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:50 pm

Those chemicals all have a purpose if you're making wine to a style, much like using a specific liquid yeast and water additives to achieve an authentic Belgian beer.

The acid blend imparts tartness.

The yeast nutrient ensures the yeast will thirve and have a high attenutation ratio as the alcohol content increases.

Pectic enzyme is a Fining agent, that is it digests the pectin protein which makes for a hazy beverage.

Campden tablets are used to add Sulfites to wine, which kill the yeast and stop fermentation.

Potassium Sorbate also kills yeast and prevents refermentation.

You don't NEED to use these additives to have a good wine you enjoy. If you are brewing to a style, and want it to look like other wines from a bottle with the same grape name, then you do need to use the chems.
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