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Postby yahoo » Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:06 am

At 05:31 PM 1/3/2010, you wrote:

I haven't noticed any
information regarding storing the finished product. Does it need to
be used immediately after it is finished or can it be stored for extended
periods of time? Would glass bottles be better for long-term
storage? I am very excited about E-Z caps.

Thank you


Question #11:
After brewing wine should it
be refrigerated or will fermentation start again and can it be bottled
for extended shelf life?

Answer: Fermentation is complete when one of the following
occurs: 1) All the sugar is consumed and the yeast dies of
starvation. 2) The alcohol content reaches 16-18% which will
kill the yeast. 3) The beverage becomes toxic to the yeast
due to natural or artificial reasons (such as the addition of chemicals
specifically designed to kill the yeast such as a Campden tablet).
4) The temperature of the beverage rises above approximately 104
degrees for a period long enough to kill the yeast. Fermentation is
complete when no more bubbles are rising to the surface when the beverage
is at room temperature. If you place a beverage into the
refrigerator that isn't completely fermented, it will continue to ferment
in the refrigerator at a VERY VERY slow pace (i.e what you use to count
in days now takes months). If you take such a beverage out of the
refrigerator, it may begin active fermentation again. It is
important to ensure fermentation is complete or almost completed before
bottling your beverage at room temperature. Failure to follow
this rule can result in burst bottles and possibly even personal
injury. I don't use additives in my beverages but that is a
personal choice . I let the yeast die naturally by letting the
yeast dine until it dies of it's own alcohol poisoning or by
starvation. Bottling your beverages is fun and it allows different
flavors to develop over time.

Question #11a: How long does bottled EZ
Caps last before going bad?

Answer: This depends on many factors including
temperature, alcoholic and sugar content of the beverage, and storage
conditions. In worst conditions the beverage will last about a
year, in average conditions several years, and in best conditions,
several decades.

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Re: [E-Z-Caps] product storage

Postby Elonso » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:23 pm

Thanks for the share :)
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